Feel free to contact us for any question or concern you may have.
Our E-mail address is info@bluebubblessxm.com
Or, you can reach us by phone (thanks for keeping in mind any possible difference between your time zone & ours) :

Current Time:

For any activity anytime : cell# 1-721-55-68484

Just remember to include in your enquiry :

Whether you’re cruising or vacationing on Sint Maarten.

If on a cruise:
mention ship’s name + arrival and all-aboard time.
All check-in and tour departure times listed are in LOCAL Sint
Maarten time. If your ship crosses time zones, the time onboard your ship
and the local time in port may be different. While some ships adjust
their clocks to match the local time in port, others may keep the clocks
in the time zone of the ship’s departure port.
Kindly consult the following link for exact info on Daylight Savings
Time in the U.S., especially when traveling between November and March.

If in a hotel, resort, villa or on a private yacht:

  • your arrival and departure date.
  • amount of participants (adults & children under 12).
  • for scuba divers : scuba level (Open Water Certified, Advanced Open Water Cert., etc.) + date of latest dive
  • excursion date and preference for morning or afternoon excursion.
  • your phone number, time zone and the best time to reach you, so we can contact you to discuss details.

Drop us a question or message below.