• All participants can swim, are fit and healthy, and need to sign a dive waiver.
  • Boat with comfortable water access via dive ladder.
  • Kindly contact us in case of requests for private charters or exceptional departure times
    This tour is designed for persons wishing to find out what diving is all about, for those eager to discover what it’s like to breathe underwater.
    After your instructor’s briefing onboard, you’ll engage in an actual (+/- 30 min.) ocean dive.
    Destination of your very first scuba experience is the island’s best shallow reef & wreck site.
    All you need to bring is your swimming attire, a change of clothes and a towel.
    All participants need to complete a medical questionnaire. Accessible as of age 12.
    2019-2020 TOUR RATE
    US$ 90 per person
    Includes : boat dive, all dive gear, bottled water onboard
    TOUR TIMES (in local St. Maarten time)
    1. Time slot #1 : TUE/WED/THUR/SAT : check-in @ 9AM ; tour departure @ 9:30AM
    2. Time slot #2 : TUE/WED/THUR/SAT : check-in @ 11AM ; tour departure @ 11:30AM
    3. Time slot #3 : DAILY : check-in @ 1PM ; tour departure @ 1:30PM
    For cruisers only : check-in with our Blue Bubbles tour rep @ the Philipsburg Cruise Terminal (detailed info will appear in your booking confirmation)
    For on-island vacationers : check-in is directly at “The Dive Shop”, located at 153, Front Street, Philipsburg (in between the Sea Palace Hotel – a pinkish/orange highrise – and the Walter Plantz Square & Fountains)
    Families or groups with different levels of interest can join this same excursion (same boat, same destination, same duration) :

  • * 2-hr Shipwreck Snorkeling
  • * 2-hr easy diving
  • * 2-hr refresher dive
  • * 2-hr 1-tank-dive

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    Where to find us

    Blue Bubbles Watersports & Dive Center + Island Activities 
    “The Dive Shop”

    153, Front Street, Philipsburg (in between the Sea Palace Hotel and the Walter Plantz Square & Fountains)
    Phone:  1-721-55-68484 (WhatsApp)
    Email:   info@bluebubblessxm.com

    All bookings at & tour departures from “The Dive Shop” @ 153, Front Street, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten (in between the Sea Palace Hotel and the Walter Plantz Square & Fountains). “The Dive Shop” is generally open daily from 8AM till 5PM.