6-dive package for certified divers


Tour description :
The 6-dive package consists of 1 x 2-tank-dive on day #1 plus 1 x 2-tank-dive on day #2, plus 1 x 2-tank-dive on day #3 to be used by 1 and the same individual diver.
Lots of interesting reef & wreck dives just a 20-minute boat ride from our Dive Shop. Sites will be determined on the day of your dive, depending on weather and sea conditions.
We keep participation to a maximum of 6 divers.
This 3-hour excursion by boat includes light snacks & beverages on board


  • All participants can swim, are fit and healthy, and need to sign a dive waiver.
  • Boat with sunroof & easy and comfortable water access via dive ladder.
  • Kindly contact us in case of requests for private charters or exceptional departure times.


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